We are conducting a feasibility test of automotive properties such as full-service auto facilities and certified service stations. A successful case is Groucar, a new car buying program launched by GoodBang Inc. This program directly connects customers to auctions, which greatly reduces operating costs incurred in the purchase process. It also helps clients take care of ownership transference, vehicle registration, car insurance planning and titling on the spot. - our product that faces the main market stream has also entered the theory varification phase.

CarFun, our consumer brand, has been promoting Groucar in North America. Our customers can expect us to enhance their car purchasing experience by succeeding in four aspects: vertical marketing channel, quality assured product, minimized purchase price and immediate customer support. Our licensed entity houses highly-trained teams with decades of experience in different areas of the automotive industry. Members of CarFun have been serving customers all over the States in regard to their needs in car buying, selling, maintenance, customization, transportation and legal support.


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