Online Solutions


We launched a new-era Internet technology program aiming to provide small and micro businesses with intelligent and affordable SaaS solutions. Since inception, we have been committed to realizing the transformation of real estate industry from constructing traditional communities to establishing co-living communities. We developed a variety of online service products, including: mini programs (on WeChat, Alipay), native applications and Mwebs that manages CRM (Customer Relationship Management), cloud data hosting and processing, review management, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and payment channel optimization.

GB Total Solutions, our consumer brand, has had its beta products sold to many small and micro enterprises in mainland China and the United States, covering the restaurant industry, real estate industry, automotive industry, taxation industry, legal consulting industry, etc. GB Total Solutions has formed a set of solutions to meet the demands of customers from these industries and has accumulated extensive experience. Platform-based data integration is currently underway to prepare a co-living community with solid foundation of Internet products.

GB Total Solutions

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