Student Housing


We aim to provide leading housing service for young people in North America. We pursue excellent service quality and provide one-stop service of renting, buying, moving and partitioning for each customer. At present, we have completed 4 co-living communities on the West Coast and have provided service for more than 100 units across the states.

We have professional real estate investment consultants to provide investors with solid and transparent solutions to student housing investment. We have kept friendly and frequent contact with local real estate developers, brokerage teams and student associations, and have conducted in-depth research on market and customer trends in order to provide comprehensive services for our investors and clients.

YomerHomes, our consumer brand, has real estate agencies that are licensed in New York, California and Pennsylvania and are qualified for real estate investment and development. In terms of user experience, we try our best to gain an in-depth understanding of customers’ demands and to accurately match the demands with ideal housing plans. YomerHomes sales team has over 5 years of experience on the market and its customer base is now greater than ten thousands. In 2018, the team's sales revenue reached 10 million US dollars. 

Yomer Homes

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